Cleaning Your Coding with Clean Code

*not* this kind of cleaning

“Clean code is code that has been taken care of. Someone has taken the time to keep it simple and orderly. They have paid appropriate attention to details. They have cared.” — Robert C. Martin

  • Easy to understand the execution flow of the entire application
  • Easy to understand the role and responsibility of each class
  • Easy to understand what each method does
  • Easy to extend and refactor
  • and more…

Naming Variables

var a; // elapsed time in days
var elapsedTimeInDays;
const yyyymmdstr = moment().format(“YYYY/MM/DD”);
const currentDate = moment().format(“YYYY/MM/DD”);
if (student.classes.length < 7) {// Do something}
if (student.classes.length < MAX_CLASSES_PER_STUDENT) {// Do something}

Making Functions

“The first rule of functions is that they should be small. The second rule of functions is that they should be smaller than that.” — Robert C. Martin

  • Functions that are lengthy
  • Functions that are difficult to understand and test
  • Functions names that are vague
  • Functions that are fragile
Before and after making a function “clean”.
function greetings(timePhase:string) {if (timePhase === “morning”) {console.log(“Good Morning”);} else if (timePhase === “afternoon”) {console.log(“Good Afternoon”);} else if (timePhase === “evening”) {console.log(“Good Evening”);} else {console.log(“Good Night”);}}// callinggreetings();
function printGreeting(greeting:string) {console.log(greeting);}function greetings(timePhase: string) {let greeting = ‘Good’ + timePhase;printGreeting(greeting);}
Beware the dead!





Undergraduate Computer Science Student

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Muhammad Fadhil Qorano W.

Muhammad Fadhil Qorano W.

Undergraduate Computer Science Student

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